Long live film – traditional analogue print and process

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Kathakali Actor, Fort Kochi, India

Professional creative analogue photography – Using Leica R8’s, HP5, Warm tone hand prints … we can shoot process and print beautiful bespoke images on film; with the finest lenses, chemicals and papers to create something unique and special.

For over 150 years, photography has been a chemical process. Images are captured on photographic film. This is made up of layers of light-sensitive silver halide emulsion coated on a flexible base. Film is exposed to light in a camera. This creates a latent image, which is made visible by immersion in a solution of chemicals called a ‘developer’. Prints are made by projecting the image from the film on sensitised paper and processing the material in a series of chemical baths. Much of the processing of both film and paper must take place in darkened rooms to avoid extraneous light reaching the sensitised emulsions.

(Canon Europe website)

Recently started working with Alex Hibbert on his Dark Ice project – covering the boat refit and preparation.

James Wheeldon, Great Slave lake, Yellowknife, 2020
Dark Ice team, preparing for marathon ski in -40, Yellowknife, Canada


Streetmarket, Bira, Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2017
Cara Spear -Artist, HP5 Nikon F4
Leica R8
The Camber Old Portsmouth, HP5, Leica R8
Leica R8
Builders, Ooty, Tamil Nadhu, India, Leica R8
Leica C2
The Man, Bira Streetmarket, Sulawesi, Leica C2
Litho print
HMS Ark Royal, Last Salute, Litho print, Digital paper negative contact printed, on Forte museum weight



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