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Gentoo penguins, East Falklands

We offer a full photographic service with competitive rates and affordable price plans where we quote a fixed fee that won’t change if the job doesn’t change, in Portsmouth, Hampshire or indeed anywhere you want to send us! Starting from £85 for the first hour, £65 thereafter. Call 07881 844 980 or email

Happy clients include The Household Cavalry, National Lottery UK, Portsmouth City Council, RAK Ceramics, Southampton City College, Halyards, Alex Hibbert, record breaking polar explorer, world champion swimmer, Katy Sexton – to name but a few.

Commercial photography includes product and studio based shots for advertising, marketing and editorial.

 Location photography means exactly that!

We will travel to any location you want and photograph anything you want us to – whatever the place, weather or time of day – everything is possible.

Creative photography is when you need something different for something special.  We will develop a concept for you, shoot a range of ideas and process high resolution images for reproduction. This might be for illustration, book jackets, magazine covers, web stories or to adorn the corridors of power. 

Portrait photography could be on location, in your offices, home or at a nearby studio that we can source. It can be of your workforce, family or an individual – for portfolios, publicity, CVs – or anything else you think of.

 A model’s Portfolio might include original work, creative folios or a collection of simple head shots.

Editorial photography is used to illustrate and article in a magazine, newspaper, book, online.

Display images are seen all around in advertising, promotions and point of sale, indoors and outdoors. They need to be succinct and recognisable.

Exhibition photography is often large scale and sometimes printed on different surfaces, so should be clean, perfectly exposed and focused.

Prices start from £85 for the first hour, £65 thereafter and the price quoted won’t change if the job doesn’t change.

Included are: Photographer & assistant, all cameras & equipment, daylight lighting set-up where necessary, photos on CD-Rom in agreed format, full usage rights.



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