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Dan Bernard Photography – Travelling, published Jan 2018 available on Amazon


Aleppo , Syria pre war story published in 2017 www.express.co.uk

Collection of images shot over the last 8 years as part of our ongoing commercial development and research, the book is 96 pages of full colour images, casebound in wibalin …

Tourist horse Mysore, India
Humpback Whale, Cambria, California



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  • Homs_Syria_28
  • Homs_Syria_27
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_5
  • Road ot Palmyra_33
  • Homs_Syria_25
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_8
  • Road ot Palmyra_32
  • Homs_Syria_26
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_10
  • Road ot Damascus_Ebla_Syria_24
  • Homs_Syria_29
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_7

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