In the Darkroom

The Traditional Way
Kathakali Actor, Fort Kochi, India

Black and white photographic prints – the traditional way
These black and white photographic prints are produced the traditional way – by hand – using a darkroom, enlarger and wet process. Having been made somewhat redundant in the digital evolution, this process is coming back in use – not in the hope of competing with digital photography but to offer back something different, something perhaps more tangible. As the visual market is saturated with the photographic ‘perfection’ of digitally produced images, often Photoshopped to the limit, film prints have more depth, grain and texture and a quality that is not only enigmatic, but also more real and aesthetically pleasing.

The process starts using your negatives – perhaps from photographic film you have had processed recently or an old collection found in a cupboard. Or, we can process black & white film for you, or even produce negatives from your own digital prints.

With over 40 years joint experience to hand, we can look at the negatives to assess their quality immediately. We print test strips first to ensure the images are perfectly balanced, before the negatives are hand-printed in the darkroom. Printing techniques such as cropping to frame the image correctly, and burning and dodging to bring detail into the highlights and shadows are used where necessary.



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