Street Photography

It's out on the street
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Street photography is a contemporary term for a style of photography hugely popular right now; is not necessarily commissioned but has a huge impact on social media and personal folio work.

“This recognition, in real life, of a rhythm of surfaces, lines, and values is for me the essence of photography; composition should be a constant of preoccupation, being a simultaneous coalition – an organic coordination of visual elements.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Box maker, Fort Kochi, Kerala, India

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – Robert Capa

Street photography is the art of being there, go outside and confront the action, ‘Get close and get a Leica’ was the best quote/advice I ever heard. Work with a 50mm lens, you have to interact and and you cannot hide.

Images for cookery book, published 2015 Tricorn books



Dan Bernard Flickr

  • Road ot Palmyra_33
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_10
  • Homs_Syria_29
  • Road ot Palmyra_32
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_5
  • Homs_Syria_27
  • Homs_Syria_25
  • Homs_Syria_28
  • Road ot Damascus_Ebla_Syria_24
  • Homs_Syria_26
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_7
  • Homs_Emesa_Syria_8

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